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About Us

Our Mission

Welcome to Sirena Solutions, PLLC - a physician operated office that offers personalized treatment services including Addiction Management and Acute Care. 


Our goal is to provide a new standard for addiction treatment, while eliminating the stigma surrounding addiction medicine. We understand that addiction is a life changing experience that can touch many people of all demographics, which is why we believe that your treatment should not consume your life. Utilizing the tools of prescription Buprenorphine containing products and addiction counseling, we aim to make the recovery process as smooth and as quick as possible for you. Because we are able to maintain a small volume of patients, we prioritize your schedule and cater to the traditional 9-5 work model, offering evening appointments and practical expectations.


Here at Sirena Solutions, we encourage you to contrast our practice model with others and hope you'll be pleasantly surprised.


 We welcome your patronage!  

We are proud to be registered as an OBMAT program with the State of West Virginia Office of Health Facility Licensure & Certification. Patients should feel confident knowing that they are recieving excellent care only under the highest standards set forth by this oversight committee. 
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